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How can you continue to sell premium web design services without having to start from scratch and create every project from a customized point of view.  Full-training is here –

How can you continue to sell premium web design services without having to start from scratch and create every project from a customized point of view. Let’s talk about that in today’s video.

Hey, it’s Alzay Calhoun with Coveted Consultant and I really think that web design agencies are functioning with a flawed business model. Every project is custom, you’re always starting from zero and the client is trying to pick and choose from all these different web design elements in order to get a site to come together. I think it’s a bad deal for both parties. It quietly frustrates both parties. If you really want to be a premium level service provider for your clients, which I know you do, help them get to their final end destination without having to learn internet marketing. If you do that, you’ll be their hero. Let’s give some examples of that here on the board.

Now, let’s assume in this scenario really quickly, that your client is building their very first website. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you can measure this end result. There should be an objective measurement for what “look good” means. Before we start any work we’re clear on the objective measurement at the end.

Now they can make sure that their picture, their product, their testimonials, whatever elements are most important, you’re working from that wireframe. When you move to final draft there are no surprises. Now, let’s look at web design from an even deeper level.

Now, let’s look at web design in the context of a rebrand, because rebrands are typically more complex projects. Again, what do we want at the end? We’ve got to know what objective measurement we’re trying to meet when we say “rebrand”. Is the site trying to be faster? Is it trying to be more colorful? What exactly does that mean? Should it convert in a certain way? Convert to what? Etc. Your job as the expert is to help the client understand what a quality re-brand looks like before they buy anything. Help them understand what a quality rebrand looks like.

Okay. Now, you can work backwards. You know there’s got to be a final draft. “Before we go live, is everyone clear?” “Yes, we are.” And then you can press the button. Before you do that if we’re talking about a re-brand there are certain things that they want to see in the re-brand. There are certain reasons why they even want to start a re-brand in the first place, there are certain functionality, or certain elements that they want to have in the re-brand. Be clear about those on the front end. These should be static things. They should not move. They’re must haves.

Then, prior to that, what you may want to have the client do is do some competitive research. Who are the competitors in their space? Or who do they aspire toward in their space? And what crucial things are they considering? They start here with this list. This list could be 10 things long, four, five, all the way down to 10. And then you may get them down to one, two and three and then you can build that, and then you can go ahead and press the “go live” button.

Now this process may still be 90 days. It may still be six months depending on all the parts that are moving. But at each phase your company, internally, has a methodology for how they deliver on these things so that your client does grab control of the project from you and begin to add a bunch of things that aren’t helpful to anyone. The value of prioritizing your services isn’t just so you can explain them well to your client, but it gives you and your team internal instructions on what happens when. And if you approach your client with that level of professionalism and organization, it’s just hard to say, “No”. I’ll see you in the next video.

Hey, it’s Alzay again and I really hope you enjoyed that video. I realize that things can look really simple, and clean, and neat and easy when they’re laid out on a whiteboard. But trying to apply these things inside your business can have their own level of frustration. What do you do now? What are your next steps? Watch another video, you can. If you want to subscribe to the channel, you probably should. But if you’re over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services, there’s a program that I have and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page somewhere. Again, thank you for your time for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Well, if you want to-

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