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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 9

What’s up guys? It’s Taylor Timothy with the marketing life podcast and today we have Alex Lowery on the show. Now Alex is an expert in video and me and him also go way back. We started shooting video together back in the day and then I kinda took the direction and started getting into online marketing and he continued down the video path. So I want to have him on the show today to share his expertise with video production. One of the things online marketers need is obviously video and he can share some insights to how video production works, how it goes down, and the costs and what goes on with a video production. So. So let’s dive in and learn from Alex Lowery. So Alex, tell us your backstory of how you got into videography.

Introduction to Alex Lowery

Alex: Yeah, man, it’s good to be here and glad to be on this little show is my first podcast. So let’s, uh, let’s hope that I do a good job. You will match my uh, my back. My back story is like back in 2012, 2013 before we admit. Um, I saw a cool youtube on youtube video that was in Salt Lake City by Devin supertramp, the famous Devin supertramp. He’s like the Utah poster boy for Youtube. Well, probably not now, but at that point, at that point, sorry, I don’t want to talk crap on them. It doesn’t, nothing, nothing against them. But uh, back in 2013 I saw his park war assassin’s creed video and the only thought that came to my head, I saw setup, did some research on how he did, how he did that.

I was like, that’s cool. No one’s seen a kool glide cam shot throughout the entire video, you know, these steady cam shots that look really good. And it was a kind of a low budget. And I saw it and I was like, if he can do it, I can do it. Like that was the only thought that came to my head. And I decided to go into data about $40,000 in purchase, a five d mark, three a cannon and some lenses and the glide cam and kind of started to get into like that style of, of video making. And filmmaking, and then we kind of met Lance and we moved down to sue you and I went down there to help him out a little bit and met you there. So that’s kind of like at the very beginning of my, um, my videography and filmmaking career.

Research And Apply Your Video Marketing

Taylor: Gotcha, man. Yeah, I think that’s awesome. You found something you love, do you want them to do and you actually pursued it, even went into debt for it, you know, a lot of people are scared to take risks and I think you are. It’s paying off for you taking that risk. So how, like why are you an expert in videography? You know, like a lot of people don’t like to brag, but I mean you’ve done a law for yourself. So tell, tell the audience why you’re an expert.

Alex: I don’t like to Brag. So let’s just have a disclaimer here. That there are people who are a lot better than I am at this, at this job. And I have a lot of work to do. We all do, man. We all do. Yeah. Um, for me the reason why I became such an expert is because I put in hours and hours and hours late, even late nights just doing research on, you know, camera equipment, what’s the best thing for this film, making techniques, color grading techniques, um, you know, even got into after effects a little bit with animation and like illustrator and Photoshop and photography and like all of that stuff.

I just did a lot and lot of research on the Internet. Youtube is such a big, has such a plethora, I guess, of videos and that you can, you can really get into and figure out, you know, and so I did a lot of research on that and then I kind of took it to heart and try to apply it. So like if there was some type of technique that I learned about color grading or learned about what type of shots tell what kind of story in what way, um, I would, uh, I would go out and try and like practice it. And my next project that I had and I, I mean I also went to class. I went to Uvu first film and I learned a lot of like onset basics and stuff from there and a lot of really good techniques and met a lot of great talented people there. Um, who also taught me a lot of, a lot of things as well. That’s why I’d say probably I’m an expert is like researching and then doing it and applying it.

Taylor: That’s awesome man. I really liked how you said that the fact that you do research and you apply a lot of times, even people listened to too many podcasts, read too many books and they learn all this stuff but they never put the time and effort into apply it. So I think that’s really awesome. And you go out, you research, you breathe really what you do, you eat it up.

Alex: Yeah, I’ve gotten to a point where like I’ll, I’ll see anything and it will be framed in like, you know, 16, nine aspect ratio and like, you know, rule of thirds and things like.

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