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Online marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. We specialize in online marketing that gets results. Antigravity is a strategic marketing, advertising and design agency based in Mumbai, India. Finding simplicity within clutter is our passion. With us you find your centre. Using emotions, human connections, design and technology we provide to our clients an advantage, in the digital ecosystem. Our expertise spreads across Digital Content, Search Engine Optimisation, Technology, Design, Video Production, Photography, Media Planning & Buying, Influencer Management and PR. All in all we combine the visual design of a branding firm, storytelling of a production company, and innovation of a digital agency.

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Content Marketing Strategies To Make Money Online | Digital Marketing Strategy That Makes Revenue

The right content marketing plan can help you make money online fast in 2019. This video is filled with content marketing tips that will help you make money with your content.

In this content marketing tutorial, I’ll lay out how you can do your own content marketing plan. We’ve also got some strategies around digital marketing for beginners looking to make money online fast in 2019. You’ll also learn some content creation tips that will allow you to save time and make money with your content.

If you are ready to discover the content marketing strategies that will help you make money online, watch this content marketing tutorial.

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A full-service digital marketing agency – A Game Changer Marketing Service for Your Business.

The world is changing and it’s changing fast. There’s hardly anything in world that is not changing. Then why continuing the same marketing strategy?
Stay tuned.
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Do you think, you are wasting too much time & money on marketing your product?
Not getting good results?

Don’t worry

Online marketing is going to be much easier and cheaper than you ever thought it would be.
Now advertise your product with minimum risk and maximum returns.

Online marketing game-changer has arrived.

Welcome to the future of online marketing.
It’s time to change.
With A full-service digital marketing agency best company in 2019

Do I really need online marketing for my business?

We are always asked by business owners “do I really need online marketing?” website, email, social, SEO
Common complaint “I don’t see any results from it”
Only about 8% of B2B is “closed” online
The quick answer to the question Do I really need online marketing for my business?
is yes.
Why is it important to have a strong online presence?
– 80% of people do online research about a business before they buy
– 70% of their buying journey is complete based on what they find
– You are seen negatively if you don’t have a strong online presence
– You can directly interact with you target audience
– You reach a lot of people much cheaper than most advertising
– You can reach a lot of people quickly
– You can track responses and stats
– Online marketing helps with Google ranking

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(NEW) How To Build A Digital Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses | 2020 (FREE TEMPLATES)

In this video, I am sharing with you KEY Growth Marketing Principles & Frameworks to help you 3X your business. Get Your FREE Toolkits, Tips and Hacks In Your Inbox Here : www.growthyoda.com

[Benefit] In this video you will learn how to apply Growth Marketing Strategies and Frameworks to grow your business, sales and revenue. These marketing strategies have helped me grow my businesses to 7 figures under 12 months.

[Start With Why] There are so many Marketing tips, tactics, growth hacks that it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date with all of them. Even worse, by the time they are implemented, those tips and tactics don’t work anymore, at least that significant level of expected outcomes.

Therefore, what really works are frameworks and strategies. This helps you and you team to focus on things that matter with effective feedback loops through experimentation. Big startups don’t implements growth hacks – They implement Growth Strategies.

[What you Will Learn] What I will show you in this video and follow on episode, are the most practical (Simple) and effective Digital Marketing Strategies that will work for your business of any size.

[Why Me] I’ve build 7-Figure businesses by applying these principles and I am very confident that you will find value should you choose to apply the same.


Show Notes:
Why Overfitting Your Target Audience Is A Big Marketing Mistake 7:00
Its Now Who You Reach. Its What You Say. 8:30
3 Pillars Pareto Growth Marketers Focus On 9:45
Unique Value Preposition 12:25
Unique Delightful Preposition 13:40
Unique Selling Preposition 15:45
Customer Value Journey Across Funnels 22:00



The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein
There is no great genius without some touch of madness. – Aristotle
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. – Unknown
One cannot slam dunk in the dark – Myself
Common sense is not so common. – Voltaire


Reference Links:
Dropbox Marketing & Growth 👉 https://sumo.com/stories/marketing-strategy
Dropbox Marketing & Growth 👉 https://sumo.com/stories/marketing-strategy
What Makes Things Cool 👉 http://bit.ly/2PhS1Ms
What Makes Things Cool 👉 http://bit.ly/2PhS1Ms

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“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

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I’m a 7 Figure Entrepreneur, & Writer dedicated to helping YOU achieve the life of your dreams!

I was very recently a Digital Evangelist for Fortune 500 Companies and consultant for smart companies that leverage data to delight their customers and grow revenue.

I am a millennial ecommerce entrepreneur and I absolutely love creating content that will impact lives. Follow my journey!

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*Disclaimer* The information shared in these videos is from personal experience unique to me. Any information shared by me on any video or on any social media platform is solely my opinion, based on my experience. I do not guarantee anything, there are many factors at play when it comes to your success. These are educational videos to help you, no guarantees. Thank you for your consideration.

Barry Edwards flagship DIY online marketing course, Best Brand Blueprint

Barry Edwards introduces OverFiftyStartingOver.com and his flagship DIY online marketing course, Best Brand Blueprint – the full package needed to establish your brand online strategically in your marketplace. Delivered in 3 Modules with several steps in each, this course will save you thousands in future marketing efforts. It is targeted to local companies that acquire their customers within a 5-20 mile radius such as dentists, auto service providers, business coaches, people in the trades industry and so on.

Online Marketing Grundlagen für Einsteiger

Josua Schütz präsentiert während 40 Minuten auf Basis-Niveau die relevantesten Online Marketing Bereiche: Die Buyer’s Journey (Sales-Funnel / Verkaufs-Trichter), Website-Analyse, Website-Optimierung, Content-Marketing, Suchmaschinenoptimierung, Social Media Marketing, Newsletter-Marketing und Google-Ads.

Content marketing is een onderdeel van online marketing, dat wordt ingezet om succes te behalen!

Content marketing is een belangrijk onderdeel van (online) marketing. Voor doelgerichte content marketing is het de uitdaging om informatie multimediaal te verspreiden, Uiteraard is het pas succesvol als de content voor jouw doelgroep interessant en waardevol is. Pride & Proud PR en Communicatie helpt jou om online impact te creëren met webcontent!

Mijn online marketing-activiteiten zijn gebaseerd op een uitgebalanceerde combinatie van webtechniek, meetbaarheid, geschreven en visuele content (zoals video’s, animaties, grafische ontwerpen en foto’s)

Kijk voor meer info op www.social-media-support.nl en mijn social media website www.socialmediasupport.nl

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