How to Get Work From Home Digital Marketing Jobs – People always ask me if there are Digital Marketing/PPC/SEO/Social jobs that are work from home or remote. The answer is yes but it takes more work than getting an in house job; you have to understand how to do it which is explained in this video.

My students have gotten remote jobs – Matt Tran and I interviewed one of those students here:

Digital Marketing is projected to be a $120 Billion industry by 2021 according to Forbes.

That means every day there are more and more companies that need people to manage their PPC and SEO campaigns to advertise and gain visibility on the web.

There’s a major skills gap between the nonsense taught in college and the real needs of employers and it’s creating a crisis in the marketplace:

The good news is that if you can get these skills you have access to entry level jobs that would normally be difficult to get. That’s how my students have been getting hired, you can see more interviews here:

And you can go to Linkedin yourself and see there are typically 16,000 jobs openings in digital marketing daily:

These jobs are real and they wouldn’t be there if employers could find people to do them. And a portion of them are work from home or you can freelance for companies and work from your computer.

Learn more about these jobs and how to get these in demand skills at:

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