DocStudioFX Review Demo Walkthrough Preview Bonus (7 – FIGURE Online Marketing Training)

DocStudioFX Review Demo Walkthrough

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DocStudioFX is a breakthrough AI based software that helps your users create, edit, share eBooks, Magazines, White Papers, Reports, etc. using professional designer templates and a simple yet powerful drag and drop editor with a host of advanced features.

Users can take ANY eBook or Magazine from online and rebrand it using this powerful software.

They can lock specific pages in the documents, prompting the users for call to action like opt-in information, sharing buttons, redirect buttons, pop ups to unlock pages… and build a list of REAL customers in no time..

What is DocStudioFx?
Welcome to this DocStudioFx review. For those of you out there looking for a tried and true tested way of guaranteeing affiliate commissions, this is for you.

When promoting or reviewing products related to your niche it’s not uncommon to use bonuses or lead magnets that you can source from vendors or around the web. The problem here though, is you are leaving money on the table in the sense that when your customer looks at those bonuses they are seeing something that you haven’t created and has nothing really to do with you. You just gave it away to get their email address.

DocStudioFX allows you take those products and edit them to include YOUR added content, YOUR call to actions, and more importantly, YOUR Affiliate Links!

You are getting in front of your customers eyeballs everywhere they look, which is absolutely KEY to ensuring your getting the absolute most, money wise, from your audience and your customers.

This really is a powerful tool, and as a Self Made Newbie viewer, you are also entitled to a bunch of hugely applicable bonuses that go perfectly well with DocStudioFX so you get the absolute most out of it.

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