Digital Marketing Training in Malayalam

The Benefits of the program
“Do digital marketing by yourself”
(Program contains 80% live demos using the internet, only 20 % power point slides)

1. Train you to promote your business by yourself through social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube etc) paid & organic advertisements.

2. Train you to set google ads by yourself for your business.(SEM)

3. You can skip heavy service charges of external ad agencies.

4. Makes you capable of bringing your websites high rank in google searches.(SEO)

5. Create your own website or blog without programming.

6. Helps you to develop your Brand all over the world.

7. Understand the basic concepts of online shops.

8. Create your own SMS & Email advertisements and send in bulk.

9. Explore the unknowns of WhatsApp Marketing.

10. Understand the concepts of Youtube marketing

11.Earn extra income online through affiliate and AdSense.

12. Explore how to grab freelance jobs online.

13.Explore the blogging concepts to earn extra income

14. Guides you to achieve Google AdWords certifications

15.Students can explore great career in Digital Marketing

The program covers 17 modules of Digital Marketing.
Topics Included,
Module #1. WordPress Web development
Module #2. SEM (Google Adwords & Certifications)
Module #3. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Module #4. Google Analytics
Module #5. Google my business Registration.
Module #6. Blogging
Module #7. Google Adsense
Module #8. Social Media Marketing.(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
Module #9. Email marketing
Module #10.Affiliate Marketing
Module #11.Content Marketing.
Module #12.e-commerce/ Online shops
Module #13.Youtube video creation & Marketing
Module #14.Paypal Account Creation.
Module #15.Mobile Marketing (Whats app, SMS Marketing)
Module #16.Domain Flipping
Module #17.Get Freelance works online.
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