3 Key Things To Include In Your DMO – Online Marketing 101

3 Key Things To Include In Your DMO – Online Marketing. Your DMO or daily method of operation is a schedule of activities that you must do, to see growth and profit in your business.

Your DMO will help to keep you organized, and focused on the most important tasks.

1. Personal growth and development – about 90% of your success in your business will depend on your mindset. No matter what happens, you have to push through the obstacles to realize your goals.

This includes reading books, attending events, podcasts, blog posts, etc.

Ask any top earner!

2. Create content daily – if you’re building an online business, content creation is a must. The information you get from the books you read, the audios you listen to, or the events you attend, should be turned into valuable content.

As you share this valuable content with others, they get to know, like and trust you. Content can be in many forms, like a Facebook status update, a blog post, podcast, Facebook live etc.

Whenever you consume information, it behooves you to share with those you are trying to reach online.

For example, if you’re in Health and Wellness, you can share 3 tips about your product without naming it. Let them know you have 7 more tips. Invite them to reach out to you if they would like to learn more.

Connect with them, provide the other tips, and see if there is a need.

3. Networking – you cannot build an online business by yourself. You also want to surround yourself with those who have similar visions.

You have to connect with people so you can get your message in front of them. Get in the conversation, see what’s going on and provide the solution as necessary.

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