How Does Royaltie AI Work | How Does Royaltie Automate Your Online Marketing

Royaltie Las Vegas event 23 Nov 2019 how does Royaltie automate your online marketing? Call me 910-516-1319 Learn how easy it is to automate your online marketing using Royaltie`s all in one marketing platform. Watch how I demonstrate how easy and simple it is to enable AI to your website.

Royaltie AI is changing the way businesses market their products and services online this is the 1st all in one marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence making it easy for those who are new to the online space.

How can Royaltie help your business? Simple by automating, simplifying and optimizing your online marketing simply put your marketing done. how does royaltie ai work

SneakPeek Mastermind Call 8 – Online Marketing Changes

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…Getting back to the tactics
and strategies. I mean there are tactics which are little things to do
here and there to get business and the strategies, which is the wider idea of what you’re going to do.
If you look at as War, there’s individual battles,
but these battles will happen within the framework of a larger strategy that the Generals are employing
to move things forward. And one general strategy is to be high-ranked
and easy to be found, on searches on
Google for example, and tactics within that are being [listed] within
Directory [web]sites to be able to have people find you much easier.
When I was doing searches, which I regularly do, especially with my students,
I search the cities they are in, who is their competitor, how they can rank higher than them, how their
competitors are doing it, how many reviews they have, all this kind of stuff
and Los Angeles is one which is my hometown.
I do search on regularly and I noticed in November the Google 3-Pack,
which is when you do a search result for like “Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles”,
Google has their paid link ads on top,
then it goes to a map, which lists three
and maybe an additional paid ad (four),
it is usually the three packs of free ones that Google picks
and it shows where they are on the map, and you can click on them and call them and stuff, but all of a sudden, it seems in early November
the formula or algorithm that Google uses changed. and new people were there.
[Also] when I was scrolling down into the [search] result went from being on the first page and like the third
or fourth search result, to being on the second page, as well as,
which is a big shift! I mean that one shift from page 1 to
[page] 2 could cost Avvo millions of dollars.
That’s a huge shift. So Google is doing some interesting stuff. On the other end,
the first result was Yelp. And then the second one was Super Lawyers and I’m on both those. On Yelp
I’m I come up top and on Super Lawyers,
I don’t pay enough to get on top, but I’m on there for the link back,
but then it quickly goes into half, essentially half-half directory and have individual websites. So I still think having a strong place in directories is
key, but there was a huge shift in the numbers of how that happens. So at the same time when I was looking at results for Yelp that how many contacts they get across it. I mean I check mostly California. Most of my students are Northern California. And so I check their numbers there
and there was a large drop in Yelp’s results and searches within Yelp.
So when you go to Yelp and you do a search
for a person or just click on one of them, it says like how many
people have recently contacted this attorney.
All the numbers were cut in half in LA and in Northern California,
so that was really interesting that that search change happened.
But my larger point in this is: okay,
there’s one strategy which is, you know, being online search top
and then tactics on that are being: having a website that ranks well, being on various directory sites, being in the Google 3-pack, potentially pay-per-click.
And so that was one strategy and then what makes up [the decreases]
for me is, the secondary and third types of strategies that I have. For example,
the podcast itself has been tremendous recently…

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