Best Digital Marketing Techniques for Online Real Estate Crowdfunding and Syndication

Best Digital Marketing Techniques for Online Real Estate Crowdfunding and Syndication

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From today’s video…

Adam: “When you came in, and you saw all these different techniques that were being tested, or at least experimented with, that, presumably, based on what you’ve said, didn’t necessarily have measurement metrics behind them, what did you find? What kinds of measurements, digital-performance metrics, did you implement, and what did you find didn’t work very well that you abandoned?”

Melissa: “One thing we did, right when I started, that didn’t work very well was outsourced our media purchasing to a company in which we spent a lot of money to just do more brand-level messaging. I think it might have helped [cross talk]”

Adam: “You mean paid advertising? Is that what you mean?”

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Rey Dinero Alecio On Building Confidence, His Online Success, Attraction Marketing + More

In this live interview on The Builders Club Tv show we talked with
Online Marketing Rockstar… Rey Dinero Alecio! Rey talks to us about his
early days as an entrepreneur… Also how he got his start with Primerica and Amway.
He mentions how those days molded his belief in the industry and really created the
launching pad for his success later.

Rey gives great advice and the keys to growing your personal belief… Also he talks about
the power of self confidence and how to gain it. We learned that growing a mindset
of belief and learning how to ignore the doubters as well as the naysayers is a critical
part of becoming successful…

Rey Dinero Alecio has a real story of determination and will… His strong mindset
and self belief is really something to be modeled… It is evident in his success that
a strong mind and will truly makes you unstoppable!

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