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Make Money Online Marketing

Make Money Online Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing 2019 für Anfänger – Dein Start, um mit Facebook-Werbung online Geld zu verdienen

Affiliate Marketing 2019 für Anfänger – Dein Start, um mit Facebook-Werbung online Geld zu verdienen. Hol dir jetzt die Finest Audience Online-Insights kostenlos! ⫸⫸⫸
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:::: Wer ist Dawid Przybylski?
Dawid Przybylski ist Online Marketer aus Leidenschaft mit Schwerpunkt Affiliate Marketing und Facebook Werbung.
Seit 17 Jahren beschäftigt er sich mit diversen Bereichen des Unternehmertums und hat vor 7 Jahren begonnen, Facebook Werbung (Facebook Ads) für profitable Kampagnen einzusetzen und so online Geld zu verdienen.
Mittlerweile ist er auch in diesem Bereich ein Profi und hat bereits Kampagnen aufgesetzt, welche einen Return on Invest (ROI) von über 1100% erzielt haben.

Als Nr. 1 Affiliate bei verschieden Partnern, wie Dirk Kreuter, Christian Bischoff, Bodo Schäfer, Webinaris, Maxda, Klick-Tipp und ca. 19 weiteren, wurde er of gefragt, wie er vorgeht und was seine Geheimnisse sind, daher hat er 2018 die Finest Audience gegründet und in seiner Masterclass seine Strategien zum Online Geld verdienen preis gegeben.

Die MasterClass ist nur begrenzt zugänglich und findet 3 mal pro Jahr statt.
Eine Bewerbung ist hier ohne Garantie auf freie Plätze möglich:
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✔️ Sein Facebook Marketing Wissen ist aus der Praxis für die Praxis
✔️ Dawid führt dich von NULL auf zum erfolgreichen Facebook Marketing Profi
✔️ Du erhältst eine Teilnahmebescheinigung nach erfolgreichem Abschluss

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Ep. 14 Online Marketing Checklist 2 of 2

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Introduction To The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 14

Episode Number fourteen, two of two, so this is going to wrap up the online marketing checklist, so just to kind of give you guys an overview, make sure you guys implement this checklist and any client that you manage or any business that you run promise. It’s just going to help you guys out a lot and just to give you an overview as well.

If you don’t know how to do any of this stuff, I’ll be releasing an online marketing course January first 2019. That’s going to teach you guys how to do all of this and implement all of this from start to finish and your business.

Google Ads

So let’s dive into this rest of the checklist to have to Google ad words, paid app, paid ads on Google ad words.

Set Up Adwords Account For Keyword Research

So let’s dive into this rest of the checklist to have to Google ad words, paid app, paid ads on Google ad words. This is the next thing we’re going to go over. So basically the first thing you gotta do is set up your ad words account.

Set Up Your Billing

The next thing on the checklist is set up your billing.

Keyword Research

An x thing I go over is keyword research. Now spend a lot of time on your keyword research and find out those key terms that you need to go after so you can spend more money there and waste less money on other keywords that aren’t beneficial for you. So the more keyword research you do, the faster you’re going to be able to optimize your ads and better yet get more leads and sales for your business.

Link Your Adwords To Google Analytics And YouTube

So the next thing you need to do is link your ad words to google analytics and Youtube. So basically this is just gonna allow you to see the data and analytics, uh, of your ad words, and it’s also going to help you be able to create remarketing lists on from Youtube. So anytime someone’s watched a youtube video, you basically can go in and remarket to them using paid ads.

Upload Email List To Ad Words

So the next thing is upload your email list to ad words. This is the same effect as the youtube video. So any email that you have, you basically can remarket to those people across the paid ad words platform.

Set up your lists, remarketing, lists, all those different lists so you can see and have the ability to go in and remarket to these people and deliver ads.

Conversion Pixels and Thank You Pages

If they’ve come to your website, watched your videos, excetera, set up your conversion pixels and your thank you pages, so make sure that your ad words is going to be tracking properly, and then going through your ad words campaigns and using the proper at a keyword match types.

Keyword Match Types

So there’s a bunch of different keyword match types that is offered inside this platform. So make sure you go in and select the right types to leverage and optimize your campaign the best, and then create your target audience so there’s different ways that you can go after your target audiences inside of ad words. Figure out which target audiences are going to be best for your business.

Add Negative Keywords

And last but not least, inside of the Google ads section, is add negative keywords. So by not adding negative keywords to your campaigns, it can cause you to go after terms that you may not want to go after. And you can waste a lot of money right up front by not adding negative keywords. I know you can go out there and as Google list of negative keywords and add them to your negative keywords area, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. You’re the one that needs to judge, decide what’s gonna work best for your business.

Email Campaign

So that is the end of the ad words section, email campaign. So making sure you have an email campaign in place.

Set Up An Email System

Now there’s a bunch of different crms out there. You’ve got like a Weber and Fusionsoft, mailchimp, constant contact, etc. Etc. Etc. There’s a bunch of different email systems out there, crm systems, find out which one works best for you and your website. So a lot of them offer free, a free service up front for a little bit. Um, but then after that, once you have so many subscribers, a lot of times you actually have to then pay for their platform. So figure out which one works best for you.

Creating Lists For Every Offer

The next thing I talk about is creating lists for every offer. So let’s say you offer a book, you offer audit, you offer a free checklist, anything like that makes sure that when people opt into these, they go into separate lists.

Creating Emails

The next thing we talk about is the, uh, creating your emails. So with every offer that people get into, you need to have some sort of drip sequence.

Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media

Analyzing the followers of the Red Bull YouTube channel | Online Marketing . Media
A videóban a Red Bull YouTube csatornáját figyeltük meg 15 percen keresztül, hogy képet alkossunk a csatorna növekedéséről és növekedési dinamikájáról.
Az elemzés az Online Marketing Media alábbi linken elérhető cikkéhez készült:

Már több mint hat éves a tartalom marketing egyik ékköve a Red Bull Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videója

A folyamatos növekedést a Red Bull nagyban köszönheti a több mint 6 éve feltöltött Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate YouTube videónak, amely ékes bizonyítéka a megfelelő gondossággal kivitelezett tartalom marketing hosszú távú hasznosságának.
Éppen ezért egy hosszú távú stratégiával rendelkező cég esetében az online marketing elemei között helyet kell kapnia a tartalommarketing eszközöknek mint pl. marketinges fotók és videók.
A Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate videón kívül még sok hasonló tartalom képes a hosszú távú támogatásra, amelyek elemzésére az Online Marketing Media sort fog keríteni.
Az ilyen tartalmak építő jellege vitathatatlan, így marketingeseknek a megtekintése minden túlzás nélkül kötelező.


Crest Digital Marketing- 360 Degree Online sales Solution

Growth Of Online Marketing

From its inception in the 1990s to its adoption in our day-to-day activities, the internet has drastically changed the way we communicate with one another. It has, in a matter of very few years, graduated from just being a simple platform to a necessity for every successful business around the world. New innovations have given us ways to harness the power of the internet and leverage it to transform businesses around the world. India, with over 450 million internet users, is the second-largest online market behind China. Similar to the global trend, the country is also expected to witness a digital transformation in the next few years. About 59 percent of the country’s population is expected to have internet access and about 2 billion devices are expected to be connected on the network by 2021. This trend, largely driven by the government’s push towards digital initiatives and availability and affordability of smartphones, is expected to continue in both rural and urban areas in the coming years.

Como ter MUITO SUCESSO com Marketing Digital em 2019 mesmo sem SABER NADA de Marketing Digital

Descubra agora como começar do zero no Marketing Digital em 2019
🤘 Inscreva-se para aprender TUDO SOBRE MARKETING DIGITAL


Como ter MUITO SUCESSO com Marketing Digital em 2019 mesmo sem SABER NADA de Marketing Digital

Você sabia que os brasileiros passam, em média, mais de 9 horas por dia na internet? Isso significa que existe muito potencial para você conversar com seu público e conquistar novos clientes online.

Mas com tantas ofertas imperdíveis e uma avalanche de informações que recebemos todos os dias, como destacar a sua marca na web e atrair mais clientes?

O caminho certo para isso é desenvolver uma boa estratégia de Marketing Digital. Para quem ainda não é familiarizado com o tema pode parecer mais complicado do que realmente é.

Então, calma! Fica aí e assista a este vídeo. A Luiza Drubscky, nossa Gerente de Marketing, gravou especialmente para você tudo que você precisa saber, e aprenda hoje mesmo como começar do zero no marketing digital!

São 8 passos simples e pensados para quem está descobrindo o Marketing Digital. Separamos as etapas essenciais que todo empreendedor precisa dar para promover a sua empresa no Google, ganhar mais seguidores nas redes e atrair consumidores reais no mundo digital, investindo muito menos em relação a outras formas de propaganda.

Quem possui um negócio próprio e não sabe usar a internet para atrair mais clientes está deixando de ganhar dinheiro!

Isso tudo você só aprende aqui no nosso canal! Assista ao vídeo e saiba agora como começar do zero no marketing digital!





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