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Here We showing new question/answer google digital unlocked.In this video 1’st -26’th module answer full course.

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Following is the detailed list of Goals, Topics under each goal & number of lessons in each topic

Goal 1 : Take a business online (Includes 4 Topics)

The online opportunity (2 Lessons)
Your first steps in online success (4 Lessons)
Build your web presence (6 Lessons)
Plan your online business strategy (5 Lessons)
Goal 2 : Make it easy for people to find a business on the web (Includes 5 Topics)

Get started with search (6 Lessons)
Get discovered with search (5 Lessons)
Make search work for you (3 Lessons)
Be noticed with search ads (4 Lessons)
Improve your search campaigns (4 Lessons)
Goal 3 : Reach more people locally, on social media, or on mobile (Includes 7 Topics)

Get noticed locally (2 Lessons)
Help people nearby find you online (3 Lessons)
Get noticed with social media (4 Lessons)
Deep dive into social media (4 Lessons)
Discover the possibilities of mobile (3 Lessons)
Make mobile work for you (5 Lessons)
Get started with content marketing (6 Lessons)
Goal 4 : Reach more customers with advertising (Includes 4 Topics)

Connect through email (5 Lessons)
Advertise on other websites (3 Lessons)
Deep dive into display advertising (3 Lessons)
Make the most of video (6 Lessons)
Goal 5 : Track and measure web traffic (Includes 3 Topics)

Get started with analytics (3 Lessons)
Find success with analytics (3 Lessons)
Turn data into insights (5 Lessons)
Goal 6 : Sell products or services online (Includes 2 Topics)

Build your online shop (2 Lessons)
Sell more online (3 Lessons)
Goal 7 : Take a business global (Includes 1 Topic)

Expand internationally (7 Lessons)

Note : Start with First Goal, First Topic, First Lesson.
Every Lesson has a video tutorial (of 4 to 8 minutes approx), transcript, key learning & a quiz at the end.

Once you complete the last lesson quiz, you will take one overall topic quiz. After clearing the topic quiz, you will unlock the badge of a particular topic.

Step 5 : Take The Final Exam
After you unlock 26 Badges, you can take the final exam that will cover questions for across 106 lessons. After clearing final exam, you will receive Google Digital Garage Certificate.

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